Remembrance: What causes war?

Today we commemorate the contribution of British and Commonwealth military and civilian servicemen and women in the two World Wars and later conflicts. But why were these conflicts fought? What is it that causes war? Some say religion, others say politics, whether it’s nationalism, communism, imperialism, or more individual greed or pride. Often it’s lots of these reasons and more.

In his letter, the Apostle James asked that very question – “What causes war among you?” His answer – because we love the world more than we love God. Every war in history was a war of religion, a war caused by people loving the world more than God. Of course it’s easy to point the finger in history, but this is the same war which plays out in each of our hearts, desires which battle, love for God or love for the world. What causes war? We do.

When Jesus says “blessed are the peacemakers” he’s not speaking of aspiring Nobel prize winners, he’s talking about people like you and me who seek peace with God and to bring God’s peace to others. True peace comes, both in our hearts and in the world when we start loving God more than we love the world.

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