Mothering Sunday

As Mothering Sunday is celebrated in the UK today it can be a time of mixed emotions. It can be a day of great joy, reunions, breakfasts in bed and flowers! It can also be a day of sadness with memories of mothers we never knew, mothers who we see no longer or the absence of children in our own lives. Being a mum can bring immense joy, pride, worry and guilt in equal measures. I am reassured this doesn’t get any better as they get older – sometimes worse!

The commercialisation of this day can make us forget some of its roots, originally as a day to return to ‘mother church’ to be encouraged by joining others in a larger gathering and then later as a day to honour the sacrifices mothers make for their children, with servants often given the day off to spend time together.

In our services today we are going to be reminded of God’s faithfulness to us. In lots of ways mothers help to show us something of God’s character, the faithfulness and care that mothers show to their children points us to God’s faithfulness, an image which the prophet Isaiah picks up (49:15).

However today is making you feel can I encourage us to look up to our Father God who is always patient, slow to anger and abounding in love and made the greatest sacrifice the world has ever known.

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