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Better Connected

Here are a few older articles about how churches can use branding, websites and social media to engage their communities and communicate their message more effectively. Selling Yourself  –  some thoughts on how churches can brand themselves more effectively. Making the most of your church website – some principles for making a good church website. To Tweet or not to Tweet  –  how might church leaders use social media well?

Is your church anti-social?

You may not know your tubes from your tweets, think that ‘Digging’ is something for the garden and wouldn’t know what Klout is if you Stumbled Upon it! But what you can’t fail to notice is that Social Media is big news, whether it’s launching the latest band, breaking news around the world, aiding revolutions or feeding online bullying, it’s inescapable and growing in its ubiquity. In this short article I’m not seeking to explore the rights and wrongs of

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5 quotes about Love

“Life’s greatest happiness is to be convinced we’re loved” – Victor Hugo “To be shown love is to feel ourselves the object of concern. Our presence is noted, our name is registered, our views are listened to, our feelings are treated with indulgence and our needs are ministered to. And under such care, we flourish.” – Alain de Botton “Every adult life could be said to be defined by two great love stories. The first – the story of our quest

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Social Media and the pressure to succeed

How many likes will it get? Will I loose followers if I tweet that? Why is everyone else’s life more interesting than mine? Social Media is built in such a way which demands the approval of our peers, it is built around the innate craving we all have to succeed in life and to have that success noted and admired by our peers. As I see it this leads to two clear pitfalls in the way we use it. Firstly,

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Tabloid Justice

I guess if I’m honest I just assumed he did it. Like the opening 10 minutes of an episode of Midsomer Murders and picking the suspicious looking one. He did look a bit odd. The Sun went with the headline – “The Strange Mr. Jefferies”. What I find most troubling is that had Vincent Tabak not been convicted for the murder of Joanna Yates, the her landlord Chris Jefferies would still be our prime suspect. I’ve been trying to keep

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